The Best Vibrators You Can Buy in 2024, According to Experts and Reviewers

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As you narrow down your vibrator options, here’s what you need to consider.


Don’t hate the messenger, but not all massagers are made with your health in mind. “Some sex toys are made from materials that could harm your body,” says Nekrasova. Your move? Avoid vibrators made with porous materials, like rubber, vinyl, and PVC, she says. These materials can’t be sanitized safely because they have microscopic holes that can be breeding grounds for mold, bacteria, and dirt, she explains.

Instead, “opt for body-safe options like medical-grade silicone or ABS plastic, which are both non-porous,” Nekrasova says. (FYI: Stainless steel and borosilicate glass are also body-safe, but it’s pretty rare for a vibrator to be made from either of these). Non-porous materials can be quickly disinfected with soap and warm water or a sex toy cleaner.


Not quite sure which style or shape to choose? Spend some time noodling on how you actually want to use the toy, suggests Wright. Do you want to use it externally, internally, or both? Which body part(s) are you looking to stimulate? Are you planning to use it alone or with a partner—and if with a partner, are they present with you or looking to play from far away?

“If you’re brand new to sex toys, it can be helpful to think about what types of sensations you already know you like,” says Wright. For example, if you like rubbing your clitoris, you might consider a finger vibrator or other clitoral vibe, she says. Meanwhile, if you enjoy anal stimulation, a vibrating butt plug or prostate massager may be more up your alley. More experienced users may look for a vibrator that helps them explore something new , she adds. For instance, maybe you’re curious how it would feel to wear a vibrator in public, or maybe you’ve been wanting to try blended orgasms.


The sensation a vibrator provides may feel either buzzy or rumbly. Usually, bigger toys have larger motors, which creates a more rumbly vibration, says Nekrasova. “Buzzy vibrators, like bullet and finger vibrators, are great for targeted stimulation, as they buzz at a higher frequency,” she says. Rumbly vibes, like wands, create powerful sensations that extend deep into the body, she adds.

Other features

Some vibrators boast a range of additional features that can help you choose between top contenders.

  • App-compatible: Certain vibes can be synced to an app on your smartphone, which allows them to be controlled from afar. “If you and a lover spend a good amount of time at a distance from each other, like [if one of you is] deployed, or [if you’re in] a long-distance relationship, having app capabilities allows you to maintain an interactive intimate relationship with your partner,” says Berkheimer.
  • Travel lock: A great feature for people planning to travel with their sex toy, a travel lock will help keep your vibrator from going off in the middle of a flight.
  • Rechargeability: “While some vibrators run on batteries that can easily be changed, other vibrators will need a cord and will need to be plugged into an outlet to charge,” says Nekrasova. (The former may be preferable for those with roommates.)
  • Waterproof: Not all vibrators are water-proof. Some are water-resistant, which means you can get them wet for short periods of time while cleaning them, but they shouldn’t be submerged in water, explains Nekrasova. “A waterproof vibrator can be a great option for people who have limited alone time and need to take advantage of their shower time,” she says. “Waterproof vibrators also allow the fun to continue, or begin, with a partner while in a hot tub.”


Public service announcement: You should never drain your bank account for the sake of a sex toy, no matter how pretty its packaging is or how impressive its reviews are. There are plenty of pleasure products available for under $50, according to Nekrasova. “More expensive, luxury sex toys are actually not always better than budget-friendly options,” she says. “A budget-friendly vibrator with few features, for example, may be great for someone who doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles.”


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