What We Can Learn From European Dog Culture

When I traveled in Europe, specifically England, Germany, France and the Netherlands, I noticed an intense difference in the way dogs were treated and integrated into society compared to the United States. Quite simply, dogs were everywhere: restaurants and buses and performance venues and countless other places. This is obviously not the case in the […]

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Go From Home To Luxury Household By Getting Rid Of Clutter And Junk

A home is a home, but it’s far from luxury. Learn how to get rid of clutter and junk, in order to secure your luxury household and sanity. About four to fifteen million people in the US are compulsive hoarders. Most of you shuddered when you read this statistic. That’s because there’s a high chance […]

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Regain your hair confidence

Find out how the right nutritional support for your follicles can help restore naturally strong, healthy hair growth photograph: Stockfour/Shutterstock.com Statistics show that around 60% of women will suffer some form of hair growth disorder in their lifetime. Health problems, childbirth, stress, hormones and over-styling can all have a negative influence on the health of […]

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