N95 and KN95 protective masks reduced testing positive for COVID-19 by 83%

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N95 and KN95 protective masks reduced testing positive for COVID-19 by at least 83%  As a commerce editor at a health brand during a pandemic, I’m often asked about the best filtration face mask to help reduce infection, and in this KN95 face mask review, you’ll find out why the Vida face mask is a standout. I’ve tested and vetted it, and the Vida KN95 face mask has proven to be comfy, colorful, made of high-quality materials, and one of the most sustainable I’ve worn.

Though life may seem basically back to “normal” where I live, with practically no one around me wearing a face mask, I know now really isn’t the time to ditch my mask. A new coronavirus subvariant, BA.5, is believed to be the most contagious strain yet of SARS CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) and is responsible for about 80% of all COVID cases in the U.S. right now.

One in five COVID-19 survivors aged 18 to 64 are shown to have developed long COVID symptoms, and that’s from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) an Autumn and Winter infection surge is likely imminent.

For me, reading these stats is a reminder that this stupid devil infection will only continue evolving and becoming increasingly contagious. We are not post-pandemic yet—and likely will not be for a long time to come. I still need to mask up when traveling, in a crowded indoor setting (like a supermarket, movie theater, or gym), and if I’ve recently spent time around anyone who has since tested positive for the virus.

Of course, figuring out the best mask can be a headache, especially when there are so many counterfeits on the market. Luckily, because of my job, I’ve spoken to a variety of health experts for their advice. The TL;DR is that a high-filtration respirator mask (N95s, KN95s, and KF94s) offers the most protection against transmission, as they capture and filter out the respiratory droplets and small particles that infected people breathe, cough, or sneeze out. A CDC study found that wearers of well-made N95 and KN95 protective masks reduced their risk of testing positive for COVID-19 by at least 83% (by comparison, cloth masks lowered their chances by around only 56% and surgical masks by 66%).

The Vida Face Mask is the Best KN95 Face Mask

Now, I don’t personally love wearing N95s because of the head straps, which I find rather unflattering and annoying, and KF94s are tricky to put on single-handedly. My favorite is the KN95—and in particular the Vida KN95. This disposable mask is fairly breathable (as far as masks go), with a built-in adjustable nose bridge for a snug fit and comfy ear loops that don’t rub against or pop off of my ears as other similar masks do. With its five layers of durable melt-blown polypropylene and cotton, each mask provides 95% to 99% filtration efficiency, per Vida’s lab testing. Nicely, the mask also contains UPF sun protection of 30+ to 50+ depending on what mask color you order.

Speaking of colors—this may not so secretly be what I love best about the Vida mask: It comes in really great colors. I’m over white masks with medical vibes, and all about Vida’s selection of denim, lavender, teal, black, and even cool printed masks. One more bonus? Vida’s eco-friendly efforts. Because KN95s are technically single-use, the waste piles up. To combat this the company sends a shipping label with your purchase so you can send back your used masks for recycling. At $25 for a pack of 10 face masks, it’s a small price to pay for style, sustainability, and above all, high-quality, dependable protection.

Vida KN95 Adult Mask



KN95 Adult Mask Regular Size (10-Pack)

Available in one adult size in packs of 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, and 250.

Vida KN95 Printed Mask



Vida Printed Masks with KN95 Protection (10-Pack)

Available in one adult size in packs of 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, and 250.

Vida KN95 Kids Mask



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