Unlocking Luxury Travel: The Digital Nomad’s Guide to Streaming

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Globetrotters carry more than just their passports and wanderlust when they embark on new adventures. A treasure trove of series, films, and documentaries is packed in their bags. Fortunately, this enormous amount of data can be accessed from a single device thanks to streaming services. However, as you cross borders, the landscape of streaming also changes.

If you’re worried about losing touch with your favorite series or films, don’t fret. There are ways to ensure your streaming experience remains unrestricted and uninterrupted wherever you go. From VPNs to streaming devices, you can prepare everything you need to binge non-stop overseas.

Let’s dive into what you can do to get ready for streaming as a digital nomad. By the end of this article, you’ll have the confidence to pack your digital necessities and set off to a new destination.

Understanding Geographical Restrictions

Streaming services are your best friend when it comes to endless entertainment options. You might even have a specific film or TV show in your lineup that you’re currently watching. But what happens to your viewing experience when you travel abroad? Well, chances are the streaming service will be limited once you change locations.

Different countries and continents change the content available to you, regardless of the streaming service you are using. For example, the series you always watch on Netflix in the US might be unavailable in the UK. As such, you will need the right tools to ensure you always have access to your favorite content and bypass the restrictions.

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN is designed to ensure security and provide unrestricted access to streaming services abroad. It masks your IP address and location, connecting you to a server in another city or country. Even though you’re somewhere in Asia, like Japan, you can still make it seem like you’re in the United States.

There are many benefits to using a VPN, but the primary advantage is bypassing geographical restrictions. Can’t wait to resume binge-watching the latest season of your favorite TV show on platforms like Amazon Prime Video? Secure and speed up your connection with a VPN you can trust so you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming for hours.

Top Devices for Continuous Content Streaming

A VPN is just one facet of the streaming arrangement you’ll need abroad. You must also ensure you have all the necessary devices and platforms to make your streaming experience smooth and enjoyable. Some of the most recommended devices on our list are:

Laptops and computers

Gadgets are a staple among travelers, mainly digital nomads. One thing they always have with them is a laptop. Aside from being useful for work, you can also view your favorite content. However, if you prefer to keep things light, you can always ask if your accommodation has a computer. If there is, you can request to use it whenever you want to watch.

Once you’ve secured your viewing device, install and use a VPN. As established, it will help you bypass geo-restrictions and help you stream any content from your home country.

Smartphones and tablets

Let’s say you don’t want to bring a laptop and are not inclined to borrow a computer. Well, you can use your handy smartphone or tablet. These gadgets are portable and advanced, making it easy to watch any content wherever you are and whenever you want.

Download the streaming app of your choice on your smartphone or tablet. Next, use a VPN to change your virtual location. This will help you gain access to limitless and unrestricted content.

Smart TVs and streaming devices

Most accommodations, like hotels, have a smart TV with preinstalled streaming apps. Just input your login credentials, and you’re all set. Alternatively, you can use streaming devices like Google Chromecast or Roku to access your favorite streaming services. And, of course, remember to set up the VPN on these devices before you watch to enjoy uninterrupted viewing.

Gaming consoles

If you have a gaming console, accessing streaming platforms will be easy. Most gaming consoles, like Xbox or PlayStation, have streaming apps. Just connect the console to the internet so you can access your account. 


What else can you do to ensure uninterrupted entertainment?

After establishing the importance of a VPN and having the right equipment or gadgets, is there anything else you can do to keep your entertainment going? Yes, there is. Here are some tips to ensure you can access all the content you need to keep yourself entertained wherever you are.

Verify the availability of your streaming service

Before leaving for your trip, check if your streaming service is available in the country you visit. Most popular streaming services are available in many countries, but others might only work in your home country. If it’s not available, you can choose other options to ensure you have content and keep yourself entertained.

Download movies and series before traveling

One of the best features of most streaming services is their downloadable content. Even when you’re leaving your home country, you can have confidence that your content will be there and ready for viewing. Downloadable content also ensures you can watch your favorites without logging into your streaming service.

Explore local apps and streaming platforms

Most countries have their own streaming services and apps. If you stay in a specific country for a while, consider subscribing to local streaming services. Most platforms will likely offer access to popular films and TV series. You can choose familiar content or check out something new that surprises you.

To Wrap Things Up

Experiencing the beauty of traveling abroad can be rewarding, but you also need something to keep you engaged during your downtime. With all the necessary devices and tools, accessing and watching your favorite movies and series will be a breeze. So, enjoy your travels and have fun watching!


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