What Makes a Luxury Casino?

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For those who love casino games, a visit to a luxury casino is well worth the experience — whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip or a monthly treat.

These casinos go way beyond the buffets and dusty slot machines many have come to expect. Many are located in the now famous casino hubs — places like Monaco, Macau, and Las Vegas have become the places to be if you want to casino-hop in style.

In this article, we explore what separates these types of casinos from their more paired-back counterparts. Find out what makes a luxury casino so special!

Extravagant accommodation

A key indicator of a luxury casino is if there’s a resort to accompany it. The world’s best casinos sit within a complex of exclusive restaurants, beautiful hotels, nightly entertainment, and brilliant facilities.

Guests are able to stay for as many nights of their choosing and enjoy the casino as part of a broader experience. For a casino to be truly luxury, it’s often elements that go beyond the casino itself. And some of the world’s top casinos are just as much about the hotel rooms as they are the table games.

VIP Programmes

Another aspect of luxury casinos that you may not find at your everyday casino is VIP programs. High rollers who visit casinos often do so with the knowledge they’re willing to part with quite a bit of cash — and so have come to expect some form of reward that goes along with it.

VIP programs do a two-part job: the first is that they draw in new players to the casino. And the second is to reward those that continue to return for their loyalty. You can find VIP programs at both online casinos like Bally Casino UK and land-based luxury casinos too.

But what are the rewards for being part of them? Well, if you’re lucky enough to be invited to some of the best VIP programs you can benefit from a whole range of perks. From complimentary stays in some of the best rooms in the hotel to free flights, food and drinks, and more.

Every casino offers something different when it comes to its VIP program, so it’s worth comparing them for what suits you best.

Private rooms and gaming tables

Nothing says luxury like having a VIP area or access to exclusive spaces. The top and most expensive casinos will offer their high rollers entry to these areas to give them privacy (and make them feel special too).

You can’t be ‘just anyone’ to get a pass-through, and that’s the point. Some of the biggest celebrities and names in sports, as well as high rollers, get to enjoy their casino experience in true VIP style. Many of these private gaming rooms have their own bars and food options too, so that those who visit can stay for as long as they’d like.

Personal Assistants

Personal assistants aren’t just for shopping at high-end stores. High rollers almost always benefit from their personal assistant who makes sure that they’re having a great time while at the casino. And they’ll do almost anything to ensure that it happens.

From making bookings to setting up appointments and keeping you topped up on your favorite beverage, if you’re lucky enough to get the true luxury casino experience, it’s certainly worth the trip.


5-Star Restaurants

Just as many casino resorts are home to the world’s best hotels, 5-star restaurants are also part of the package that makes for these high-end casinos. Many casino resorts have an array of brilliant restaurants onsite, run by top chefs from around the globe.

From tasting menus to multiple-course meals, and every type of cuisine you can imagine, you can find it at many luxury casinos. One restaurant is never enough. There’s always something new to try!
Incredible Decor

If you love Instagram, you’re in for a treat. The opulence of luxury casinos makes for fantastic pictures. From opulent features to interiors styled by high-profile designers, these casinos have an atmosphere built to impress their visitors.

And the benefit of having accommodations is this elaborate decor is one you get to enjoy for as long as you decide to stay!


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