The Rockster: A Bio-Organic Superfood for Dogs

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By Christine Montanti

In the heart of London, a prominent family-operated company known globally for the Escada fashion brand, is redefining the standard of canine nutrition. Rockster, the world’s only bio-organic dog food certified as a superfood, is the brainchild of the fashion brand inheritor Sven Ley and his wife Zoe who has ties to The British Royal Family and is the Goddaughter of Sir John Vane, recipient of the Noble Prize for Medicine.

The European dog food company is currently launching The Rockster Brand in the United States and the driving force behind the enterprise, is an unparalleled tale of love, rescue and nutritional revolution.   The story of The Rockster is more than just a tale of successful business, it’s a love story that began on the streets of Naples, Italy. The couples’ journey into the world of canine nutrition started unexpectedly during their honeymoon in 2004. They discovered a dying street dog on the steps of La Conca del Sogno, south of Naples.  The couple, moved by the plight of the dog, they would later name “The Rockster,” cancelled the remainder of their honeymoon to rescue the despondent canine.

From the onset when the couple returned to their hometown in England, Rockster refused to eat commercial dog food. The couple sought advice from Europe’s leading experts on canine nutrition. They learned about the importance of gut and digestive health in dogs and the potential harm that hormones, steroids and chemicals can cause. They were inspired by their new found knowledge and their overwhelming love for The Rockster and together, embarked on a mission to create a superfood for dogs that would enhance their health.   

They combined the highest nutritional science with purely natural and organic superfoods, using a revolutionary cooking process to ensure nutrient preservation in a can. This super-premium nutrient-rich organic dog food is suitable for dogs with allergies due to its single protein formula, and its absence from harmful chemicals, allergens, or gluten. The Rockster dog food is certified to be free from any exposure to antibiotics ­— Bio in Europe is known to be more stringent than “organic.”  Zoe’s Godfather, Sir John Vane believed the exponential rise in NCDs (Non-Commutable Diseases -for example allergies, diabetes and cancers) was directly attributable to our food and the widespread use of antibiotics and other chemicals in unnatural intensive farming.  

His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent, GCVO President of The Kennel Club endorsed the Rockster brand and said, “A remarkable Superfood for dogs. I am grateful to The Rockster, a rescued street dog himself, for having affected such a change in my dog’s life.” Elizabeth Hurley said, “My four dogs love Rockster ­— the new canine Superfood.”

“Rockster is something that could be life-changing.  This is a company that is not willing to compromise their standards,” said Dr. Judy Morgan DVM, CVA, CVCP, CVFT, world renowned author and US veterinarian.  

Rockster sadly passed in 2020 at the approximate age of 21, however, the impact of the brand shall live on for many years and revolutionize the pet industry.

The Rockster  

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