The Most Affordable Areas to Live Near Austin

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If you are looking to buy a home in or near the Austin, Texas area but are unsure what cities or neighborhoods might be best for you budget this article will help.  We have highlighted four of the most affordable cities near Austin.

Ross Quade a Realtor and owner of explain, “Austin is nice but for many can be an overpriced market especially for a first time homebuyer.  There are some cities within driving distance that make a better buy for those just starting out or can’t qualify for a big mortgage.”

In recent years Austin has become a mecca for entrepreneurs and business.  So much so the prices for real estate have boomed over the past five years.  Places like Dripping Springs, Jonestown, and Wimberley can be out of the budget for most homebuyers.  But it’s not all doom and gloom.  You can still purchase a very nice home in many of the surrounding areas for less than $250,000 if you know where to look.

Many of the first time homebuyers are people with families looking for the best places to live in Austin. But most of the time some of the more affordable areas are located just outside of the Austin City limits. Below are some of the best towns that are within driving distance to downtown Austin.


About a 40-minute drive from Austin is the city of Smithville, Texas which has about 4,000 people.  What is great about Smithville is the median home price is just under $225,000 which is nearly half the price of most Austin neighborhoods.  If you happen to work in Austin the commute won’t be that bad and your housing price will be nearly half. 


The city of Lockhart is located about 30 minutes south of Austin, Texas and boost a population of 12,000 people.  You will find a few really good barbecue spots as well since Lockhart is the barbecue capital of Texas.  Currently, the median cost of a home for sale in Lockhart is just about $240,000. 

Lockhart has eight city parks and many amenities you’d want in a town to raise kids.  There is a local community pool, fishing lake, skate park, and sports complex.  There are over six miles of walkways within the city that contains many of the parks. 


The city of Rockdale is a little further away than some of the neighboring Austin cities.  If you have to commute to Austin it could take about an hour to get there. What is great about Rockdale is the average price for a home is just around $165,000 right now. 

Rockdale is located northeast of Austin and has a population of about 6,000 people.  There largest employer a plant closed last year but a Chinese bit mining company is said to open in its location and bringing 400 jobs to the area.


About 45 minutes north of Austin just past Georgetown you will find the unincorporated area of Walburg.  Mostly a farming community you can find homes for sale at around $150,000.  There isn’t a ton of amenities in Walburg but they do have a few restaurants and some basic services nearby. 

Many of the families in Walburg send their kids to school in nearby Georgetown which is only about ten miles away.


If you feel priced out of the Austin real estate market no worries, there are plenty of affordable cities if you are willing to drive a bit. 

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