The Fusion of Fine Art and Interior Design

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Combining fine art with interior design is an unparalleled fusion. Together, art and design can bring a new dimension of creativity and sophistication to a home, previously unthought of by many homeowners who had never thought of mixing the two. If want to discover how the integration of art can transform home spaces into truly extraordinary experiences, keep reading.

Start with art as a focal point

Adding fine art to interior design allows homeowners to create captivating focal points within their homes. This is great for people looking to add depth to their minimalist decor, or for those who are leaning towards a more maximalist decor approach. And it doesn’t have to be difficult to create a mesmerizing focal point in your home. By just carefully selecting and placing art in one of your more muted rooms, you can quickly leave a lasting impression on its occupants.

Creating a Narrative in home design

The best home decor tells a story. And the artwork is a great way to share with your guests your own secret narrative with your decor. Put simply, incorporating fine art into your interior design allows you to also create a rich storytelling experience within your space. An easy way to add a narrative to your interior is by adding arty and beautiful cushions to a naked sofa or bed. The result? Instant pieces of complex artwork that are subtly incorporated without even a second thought.  

Always consider placement and lighting

The placement of fine art in your interior design should be strategic. As well as contemplating sightlines, traffic flow, and the relationship between art and furniture, you should also consider the following:

  • Choose the right height

The height that you choose to hang your artwork can totally transform a place. The aim is to never have to crane your neck up or down to see the piece, instead, you should be greeted effortlessly by the artwork as your eyes rest naturally on the wall.

  • Pick the right frame

The right frameworks with your artwork, not against it. The size of the frame should complement the size of the room and the furniture that’s inside it, and you should use your eyes and your instinct to tell you what sort of frames look and feel right in the space.

  • Place a picture as your focal point

If you want to make some of your favorite artwork the focal point of a room, make sure to pick a prominent place to hang it. This could be over your bed or sofa, above the fireplace, or even in the middle of the wall opposite the entryway. Once you’ve picked your spot, arrange your furniture around it accordingly. 


By simply incorporating art and design elements purposefully and thoughtfully, homeowners can instantly create home spaces that evoke emotions, tell a story, and most importantly, reflect the individuality of the occupants.

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