Nectar Premier Mattress Review 2022: It’s The Closest to Perfect I’ve Found

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As a former child who slept through anything, including her mom running the vacuum, it feels like a betrayal that I grew up to be a fussy adult sleeper. Not only am I a light sleeper who wakes up whenever my partner gets out of bed, but I’m also quite the hot sleeper. And not in the, “You’re pretty when you sleep” way, just the straight-up damp way. I tried countless hacks, sleep products, and lifestyle changes to stop waking up sweaty (and getting stirred so frequently each night), but it turns out that all it took was the right mattress.

I bought the original Nectar mattress when I moved to New York City in 2019. I liked how firm it was and that it supported my joints and muscles after tough workouts. It served me well until this year when I moved to a new apartment and the thought of moving the Nectar out of my former walk-up apartment was simply too daunting. I replaced it with the Nectar Premier mattress, hoping for the same comfort and support as the original with some temperature-regulating upgrades—and it far exceeded my expectations. Read on for my full Nectar Premier Mattress review.

How I Tested

I’ve been sleeping on the Nectar Premier mattress for four months, after receiving it and the Nectar Platform Bed in early August. I also have the Eight Sleep Pod Pro 2, a smart mattress cover that regulates temperature and offers health and sleep data. To make sure my review was not affected by the addition of the mattress cover, I removed it for the first three months of testing the Nectar Premier. To inform this review, I referenced SELF’s mattress buying guide, which is chock-full of recommendations by sleep experts. Ahead are all of my detailed thoughts about this mattress, which is, in a word, heavenly.

Sleep Quality

I’ve been sleeping quite well on the Nectar Premier. I do still wake up during the night, and I sometimes toss and turn, but that’s more a result of stress than the mattress itself. When I sleep with a partner, I wake up less often than in the past, thanks to the minimal motion transfer of this mattress, which is huge for me. (My partner’s mattress, alternatively, is like a moon bounce.) I wake up rested, but it is difficult for me to get out of bed and brave the day, mostly because it’s just so darn cozy.

Temperature regulation

One of the first things I noticed when I unboxed this mattress and hauled it onto the platform bed? That it’s cool—cold, even—to the touch. This is key for my aforementioned sweaty sleeping. After snoozing on it, I found that even with a mattress protector and bed sheets, it still stays cool and dynamically responds to my temperature changes throughout the night. How Nectar achieves such magic is through the top two layers. The Breathable Cooling Cover, made with heat-absorbent polyethylene fibers, is what I felt during the initial set-up. The Gel-Infused Memory Foam layer uses what Nectar calls “ActiveCool HD” to keep the mattress the same cool temp all night long, even as my temperature changes.


I’m a combination sleeper, I start by sleeping on my back and sometimes go side to side, and in the early morning I lay on my stomach. The Nectar Premier is quite comfortable for a combination sleeper—so much so that I press my alarm’s snooze button three times more than I did while sleeping on my last mattress (apologies to my employer). However, the original Nectar mattress is very firm, which I prefer. The Nectar Premier is softer, but not so soft that it’s bouncy which is ideal for side sleepers. This is the only moment I’ll dock a point from this mattress’s score: I wish it was the same firmness as the original. But firmness is based on preference, so this might not be a negative thing for you.


I find that this mattress gives the perfect amount of support for what I need. Though I’m young, I am a fitness instructor, which means I manage muscle soreness and occasional joint pain that mattresses either aggravate further or relieve. The Nectar Premier does the latter thanks to the three core layers: the three-inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Layer with ActiveCool HD (contours to your body and reacts to changes in your body temperature), three-inch Dynamic Response Layer (responsive foam to promote spinal alignment), and seven-inch Stability Base Layer (foam gives structure to support upper layers). I wake up without back pain, regardless of my sleeping position.

A Risk-Free Trial Period

Nectar offers a one-year home trial, plus a forever warranty. So if you don’t love the mattress after sleeping on it for a few months, you can get your money back no sweat (get it?).


This is a memory foam mattress-in-a-box. You can opt to add springs for a Hybrid mattress (for an extra $200), which can offer more lift and support, durability, and edge support. Based on my needs and desires, I picked the original foam mattress, which is crafted with CetiPUR-US certified memory foam.

The Bottom Line

The Nectar Premier mattress is an excellent, high-quality combination of support, comfort, and temperature regulation, and it’s the closest to perfect I’ve found. The bottom line is that when I went to my parent’s house for Thanksgiving, I left two days early so I could sleep on this mattress. And let’s be clear—they weren’t upset. They actually went and bought the mattress too.

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