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The England and Chelsea footballer on Indian takeaways, walking her dogs, and always giving it 100%

England and Chelsea footballer Millie Bright standing in front of a pile of balloons and holding some Whitworth ShotsEngland and Chelsea footballer Millie Bright standing in front of a pile of balloons and holding some Whitworth Shots
England and Chelsea football star Millie Bright

What did you do in your last workout?

I was actually playing yesterday at the Emirates Stadium! The day before, we trained on the pitch, and did a power primer, which are gym exercises that fire you up and get you ready for a game. 

What was the last meal you ate?

We stayed at the hotel overnight before the game and I had a vegan chickpea curry, some chicken, rice and vegetables, and oat apple crumble for dessert. 

What’s your guilty pleasure if you’re having a nutrition blowout day?

I love an Indian takeaway. Chicken tikka is my favourite.

What’s the healthiest app on your phone?

I’ve got an app called Daily Ab Workout which gives you ideas for different workouts. We train a lot and it gets boring if we do the same exercises.

What’s the most expensive piece of gym equipment that you own?

I’ve got a Wattbike that we bought in lockdown to keep ticking over.

What’s the best piece of motivational advice you’ve ever been given?

My grandad said: ‘If you’re not doing it 100%, then don’t do it at all.’ That’s something that I live by day in, day out, whether it’s football or off-the-pitch stuff.

What was your most embarrassing moment while exercising?

I think when you mis-kick a ball, or double-kick it, it’s not great. But my team-mates do more embarrassing things than me. Erin Cuthbert is so clumsy – she’s the one who will kick the corner flag instead of the ball. 

What’s better to clear your mind: meditation or boxing?

If I’m really frustrated, I’ll go for a run. Or walk the dogs, somewhere peaceful in the hills. Getting outdoors into open space does it for me. I’ve got two dogs, a miniature sausage and French bulldog. Emma [Hayes, Chelsea manager] is a big believer in taking care of yourself physically and mentally, so meditation and yoga are drilled into us at the club anyway.

Who was your sporting hero when you were growing up?

Away from football, it was Jessica Ennis as we’re both from Sheffield. It’s because of what she’s done for herself on and off the track, and her confidence to break down barriers.

What are your pre and post-workout snacks?

I tend to have breakfast at home, but for a quick snack, I’d have Whitworth SHOTS – it’s healthy, gets the sugar in and a little pick-me-up before my session. I also have one after training, as it’s vital to get those nutrients in. 

What was your biggest sporting failure, and what did you learn from it?

Not bringing home big trophies with England. You learn something different from every occasion, but you have to keep pushing on from those moments, not let them get you down, and do better next time.

Can you recommend an inspiring or motivational podcast?

Daly Brightness [the brand Millie has set up with England team-mate Rachel Daly] will be bringing a podcast out soon so I’d highly recommend people listen to that! 

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