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Access to over 431 marketing checklists in 5 different formats covering 19 different topics.

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In one of the Volumes, and they all have different topics or aspects of online or internet marketing, a full layout of what is involved and what you need to cover in order to be fairly competent in that in that niche of online marketing, example below.

IM Checklist Volume 25

Discover What It Takes To Build Six-Figure Membership Sites While Working A Few Hours Each Week With These 18 Checklists

  1. Finding A Niche That Works For You And Your Members
  2. Testing Your Idea With Mvp Before Launching Your Membership
  3. Analysing Your Membership Numbers
  4. Traffic Resources To Bring In New Members
  5. Setting Up Your Membership Sites
  6. Creating Content For Your Membership
  7. Outsourcing Content For Your Membership
  8. Finding Inspiration For Your Membership
  9. Drip Feeding Content To Your Membership
  10. The Two Hours Per Month Membership
  11. Membership Site Pricing Models
  12. Monetising Your Membership Site For More Profits
  13. How To Retain Your Members
  14. Outsourcing A Membership Site From Start To Finish
  15. Running Your Own Successful Membership Without Costs
  16. Different Ways To Generate Recurring Income
  17. Your Membership Support Checklist
  18. Successful Membership Overview Checklist