Ilya Kuzmin Has Big Dreams for Shot of Art

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Illya Kuzmin is a successful entrepreneur who proves that art can be accessible to everyone in the United States. His contributions to the art scene in Los Angeles and New York have made him a highly sought-out person in the United States, and his famous Shot of Art project is picking up speed nationwide.

About Shot of Art

Shot of Art is a project started by Ilya Kuzmin in NYC. This project was designed as a place to free your inner child through unique art experiences. Visitors to Shot of Art can plan to create art in a variety of unique ways.

The most common ways visitors create art at this intriguing new art venue are by shooting, spinning, and throwing. Participants can put art on a giant canvas and spin it in a centrifuge to create splattering and spraying effects on their unique piece of art. Another popular method is filling balloons with paint and shooting at them to create unique drip effects on the canvas. Those wanting to try a bit of everything can use these methods on their canvas!

Shot of Art by Ilya Kuzmin The fun doesn’t stop there for visitors, though. During your time at Shot of Art, some workshops allow you to paint the building, giving you complete creative liberty to paint or draw on the walls. This is especially popular for bloggers and content creators looking to share one-of-a-kind experiences with their audience.

Shot of Art offers several party packages for both adults and children. The project boasts of being perfect for any event, including (but not limited to) birthday parties, bachelorette parties, corporate parties, reunions, and romantic dates. No matter the event, Shot of Art’s employees is trained to customize any group’s experience to have the most unique and memorable time possible.

Shot of Art prides itself on being a place where anyone can enjoy creating art. You don’t need prior art experience or even consider yourself talented at creating art. All you have to do is come ready to step out of your comfort zone and have a great time. Ilya considers Shot of Art a meditative experience where visitors don’t have to limit themselves when creating the artwork of their dreams. Surrendering to the natural creative process allows people to develop true modern masterpieces using all options right at their fingertips.

This lack of limitations, he says, helps even the most novice of artists reveal their full creative potential. Free creativity has a good therapeutic effect and is a great way to relieve stress, help to loosen up, and get rid of internal barriers.

Shot of Art by Ilya Kuzmin Shot of Art Loved by Major Businesses

Some of Shot of Art’s prior clients include L’ORÉAL, Bank of America, Fundapps, Lev, and Method. Most of these corporate parties involve teams coming in and working on a single 16×20 teamwork canvas, which can later be displayed in their office building.

Each event is completely customized, including catering, music selections, and even decorations. While the painting masterclasses typically only take around 45 minutes to an hour, most parties go well beyond that so groups can enjoy quality time with one another while setting their inner artist free.

Ilya Kuzmin’s Success

Given the project’s success in NYC, Ilya soon expanded the project to LA, another major hub for artists of all levels. This location also became wildly popular, especially among visitors of the younger generation seeking unique experiences in the New York City area. These content creators have only contributed to the success of Shot of Art.

Shot of Art by Ilya Kuzmin Shot of Art became wildly successful within under six months of opening and is looking to expand to other areas of the US to continue growing as an enterprise. Anyone interested in opening Shot of Art in their area has the opportunity to inquire about expansions on the project’s website. With Ilya’s experience as an entrepreneur, he is confident that he can take Shot of Art to the next level in the US.


Future for Ilya Kuzmin

In the future, Ilya plans to continue residing with his family in California. While there, he wants to focus on expanding Shot of Art throughout the US.

A true entrepreneur in every sense of the word, Ilya has also considered opening up additional brands near his hometown in California once Shot of Art has fully taken off throughout the states. In the meantime, he plans to continue focusing on the things he loves.

| Images courtesy of Ilya Kuzmin

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