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What makes someone a high roller at an online gambling website? Well, there is no blanket definition of a high roller that can be applied across the online gaming universe. Each online casino or online sports betting website may have its own criteria as to who a high roller is and some might not have any such definitions at all. 

The term high roller is used to generally refer to a player who regularly makes deposits of substantial amounts and puts big amounts of money at stake as wagers. Having said that, a big amount for one player may not be particularly large for another and this is why it is always important to consider the definition of the online platform of a high roller, especially when it comes to claiming high roller bonuses. 

According to industry experts, the majority of the revenue generated by the international online casino market comes from players that belong to the lower middle class and lower class socioeconomic backgrounds. Even though there are certainly some players who play big, they are usually the exception and not the norm. 

For online casinos and sportsbooks, high rollers are more bang for the buck than average players because they play with the kind of money that would otherwise be wagered by multiple average players. Even though there are usually fewer high rollers at any given online casino, the impact they have on the revenue of a casino is significant by the virtue of the increased monetary flow. Therefore, in order to encourage high rollers, many online gambling platforms offer exclusive high roller bonuses. Sometimes, it’s hard to find active high roller bonuses, but that is where sites like NodepositDaily come in.

VIP Clubs and How They Encourage You To Go Big 

VIP clubs are commonplace at online casinos these days. As an incentive for playing regularly, these loyalty programs offer players a barrage of benefits that are not only profitable but also exclusive to VIP members. Some of the usual perks of being a VIP player include exclusive bonuses, cashback offers, free spins, free cash prizes, dedicated VIP account manager/relationship managers, expedited payments and support tickets, etc. 

Some casinos have VIP clubs where high rollers can expect lucrative and lavish rewards such as all-paid for holiday packages, lucky draws with fancy sports cars as top prizes, and even invites to VIP-only parties and black-tie events. 

All VIP programs have one fundamental principle – your rewards are usually directly proportional to how much money you deposit and wager at the casino. Needless to say, high rollers are rewarded at a much higher magnitude than an average run-of-the-mill player. 

High Roller Deposit Bonuses Vs. Traditional Deposit Bonuses 

The most common deposit bonus you will come across at online casinos is welcome bonuses where players are rewarded for their first (or first few) real money deposits made at the casino. While most of these deposit bonuses have a minimum deposit amount criteria to qualify for the bonus, there are some high roller deposit bonuses where the minimum deposit amount is a much higher number and the bonus awarded is also proportionally greater. 

For example, a usual deposit bonus could be defined typically as such – make the first deposit of at least $30 and get a 100% bonus up to a maximum of $100. This would mean that if you made a deposit of $30, you would receive a bonus of $30 and have a total of a balance of $60. 

On the other hand, a typical high roller deposit could be something along the lines of – make the first deposit of at least $300 and get a 100% match bonus up to a maximum of $1000. In this casino, if you made a deposit of $300, you would receive an additional $300 as a bonus and have a total balance of $600 in your account. As opposed to the first case, you would have made an additional $270 free just for qualifying as a high – roller. 


High Stake Online Slots 

There are risks and benefits of being a high roller while playing luck-based gambling games. The benefit of course is that you win a huge amount of money when you do win, but the risk is that you also lose much bigger stakes when you end up losing. 

Video slots don’t generally discriminate between high rollers and conservative players. Many other factors determine how well paying a video slot is, such as the volatility, return to player percentage, win rate, special symbols, pay lines, in-game jackpots, and bonus rounds. However, when you do play with a higher bet amount, all winnings are proportionally greater and hence become more profitable. 

When not to Play with High Stakes 

Despite the benefits, bonuses, and VIP treatment, players should avoid playing with money that they cannot afford to fully lose. Losing a substantial amount of money will not only affect finances and relationships but can also cause players to chase their losses by further gambling which can result in compound losses. Remember, whether you are playing with small penny pincher amounts or you’re playing like a high roller, online gambling should be done for entertainment purposes only and within your limitations and budget. 


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