A 5-Step Beginner-Friendly Guide To Study The Bible On Your Own

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While reading religious scriptures is a pious habit, it can feel overwhelming and daunting if you are just starting out. With several characters and verses to understand, it can be challenging to comprehend the meaning and retain that information. The Bible in particular has several translations, source materials, and intentions to consider. 

You may decide to read it as a part of your faith, to offer worship, or to mark the beginning of your spiritual journey. In either case, there are several materials and content available to refer to. To guide you in your quest to study the Bible, here is a step-by-step process for the best results in the shortest time. 

1. Set Your Intention

Making a decision on the passage you wish to study is the first step in learning to study the Bible. It’s critical to establish your intentions and choose a relevant subject. There are many subjects to choose from, including grace, repentance, prayers, and service to the almighty. 

To learn more about any subject, look up specific verses and read them all. The secret is to pick a topic you’re genuinely inquisitive about or interested in, rather than just picking a random section of the Bible. When you’re driven to learn more, studying the Bible becomes simpler and more engaging.

2. Understand The Context

Once you’ve settled on a suitable topic, you should seek up as many Bible verses as you can about it. Make an effort to comprehend each verse’s context. To read all the passages together, you will need to search for all the instances in the Bible where a particular topic is mentioned. 

It won’t take you long to notice that some Scripture verses contextualize and provide more information than others. Additionally, to ensure that the translation you’re reading fits with what Bible practitioners generally believe in, you should review at least a few different translations.

3. Refer To Bible Commentaries

Reading through multiple Bible commentaries on the important verses is another technique that can be quite beneficial. These are large volumes where theologians extensively discuss other background information on the text and explain what it implied in the original context.

A Bible commentary gives you access to some of the original definitions of words that can truly help you understand what the author was attempting to say. If you want to conduct some research while searching for other verse translations, you can either buy or borrow large commentaries from your local library.

4. Make Notes

Understanding characters can be quite difficult. To understand the Bible in its entirety, it is important to retain characters and what they signify in the bigger context. Don’t let the lessons you’ve learned from the Bible or through your study slip away from your mind. To record the learnings you make while reading, keep a journal or notebook handy.

Making notes as you read will ensure you have a source to refer to in case you forget any information. With all the learning in one place, you can revise your verses regularly and ensure you retain all information. 

5. Consider The History

It is essential to comprehend the historical background of the scriptures in order to understand their meaning in the modern world. There are historical materials you can utilize to gain a fuller understanding of the social, political, and economic environment of the written piece. You can apply these lessons more effectively in your daily life if you have a stronger awareness of the historical backdrop.

Final Thoughts

You can improve your study with the help of family and friends. We distinguish several meanings as each of us reads the Bible from a different perspective. You can even seek opinions from others by posting what you’ve learned on social media.


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