Can Personality Affect Dementia Risk?

Your personality in high school may help predict your risk of dementia decades later. Researchers reached this conclusion using a 150-item personality inventory given to a national sample of teenagers in 1960. The survey assessed character traits — sociability, calmness, empathy, maturity, conscientiousness, self-confidence and others — using scores ranging from low to high. For […]

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Psoriasis Tied to Increased Cancer Risk

Having psoriasis is associated with an increased risk of cancer, a new review of studies concludes. Researchers, writing in JAMA Dermatology, combined data from 58 studies and found that, over all, compared with people without the condition, psoriasis of any degree of severity was associated with an 18 percent increased risk for cancer, and severe […]

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What I Learned as a Nondriver at Racing School

I slammed my foot on the gas pedal of the very, very nice car as I jerked the steering wheel to the left, trying to trace a figure eight on a slick road that gleamed underneath the California sunshine. (Mom, maybe stop reading here.) Thisisfinethisisfinethisisfine, I thought as I rounded the last curve, the Mercedes-Benz […]

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Five Eco-friendly Kitchen Appliances You Must Have

In this day and age, technology dominates so much of our daily lives that people compare feeling naked to forgetting their smartphone at home or the office. Technology has taken over our homes, our cars, and our offices. The latest delivery for the environmentally friendly is eco-friendly versions of centuries-old, and other newer, house appliances. […]

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