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A Playlist of Your Favorite Cover Songs

Welcome. Last week I asked you to send your favorite cover songs. We received a fantastic assortment of tracks, some classic covers (Billy Stewart’s “Summertime”), some recent renditions (Laura Marling’s “Blues Run the Game”). We’ve compiled the submissions in a Spotify playlist where you can spend a few hours in audio bliss. Listening to so […]

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4 tips to help tackle fatigue and fogginess

Feeling exhausted and run down? Try these expert tips from Unbeelievable Health’s Sarah Orecchia and nutritionist Susan Alexander Image: iStock One of the main complaints nutritionists have reported receiving from their clients lately is tiredness. Studies show that stress, worry and anxiety can lead to feeling exhausted and run down, and research reveals that since Covid-19 […]

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Chronic ITP in Pregnancy: What to Know

“This means that, all things being equal, we will plan for a vaginal delivery with cesarean reserved for normal reasons,” she says, like your cervix not dilating enough within the usual time frame. In the weeks leading up to delivery, your doctor will want to get your platelet count up to at least 50,000 per […]

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