8 Tie-Dye Leggings to Add to Your Activewear Collection ASAP

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If your thought process is anything like mine, you probably didn’t think you’d ever see (let alone, wear) an article of tie-dye clothing past the days of summer camp in middle school. Now that the tie-dye trend is back in a big way, I’m all about embracing the trend in any way possible—including in my activewear. The tie-dye print is one that instantly lifts my mood, partly because of its combination of vibrant colors, and because of the nostalgia I feel thinking of crafting lanyard designs back in the day.

Since the trend can be a little tricky to navigate as an adult without doing way too much, an easy place to start testing it out is with your activewear, too (leggings, to be specific). To save you time from having to make yours from scratch, I’ve rounded up some of the best tie-dye leggings across the internet that will give you all the best throwback feels. You might even be tempted to pick up a few extra arts and crafts hobbies.

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