7 Hidden Gems to Travel to This Summer

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Are you tired of the usual tourist hotspots and seeking a unique adventure this summer? Look no further! We’ve uncovered some hidden gems that are sure to satisfy your wanderlust and provide unforgettable experiences. From secluded islands to charming villages, these lesser-known destinations offer a perfect blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and off-the-beaten-path charm. Pack your bags and get ready to explore these hidden gems this summer. 

Sardinia ItaliaSardinia, Italy

Escape to the Mediterranean and discover the picturesque Isle of Sardinia. With its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and rugged landscapes, this Italian gem is a paradise just waiting to be explored. Discover the vibrant coastal towns of Alghero and Cagliari, immerse yourself in the island’s rich history at the ancient ruins of Nora, or simply relax on the secluded beaches of Costa Smeralda. Sardinia offers a unique blend of sun, sea, and culture that will leave you in awe. Ready to go? You can monitor airfare ticket price drops here to make sure you get the best price. 

Cesky Krumlov Czech RepublicCesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Nestled in the heart of the Czech Republic, Cesky Krumlov is a fairytale town that will transport you back in time. Its cobblestone streets, medieval architecture, and the enchanting Vitava River create an atmosphere straight out of a storybook. Explore the UNESCO-listed Cesky Krumlov Castle, take a leisurely walk through the charming squares, and indulge in the local cuisine at cozy riverside restaurants. 

Azores PortugalThe Azores

Prepare to be mesmerized by the Azores, a stunning archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This remote paradise boasts dramatic landscapes, lush greenery, and a wealth of outdoor activities. Explore the volcanic terrain, swim in natural hot springs, or go whale watching in crystal-clear waters. The Azores offers an idyllic escape for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. 

Beautiful Colmar FranceColmar, France

Step into a fairytale in the charming town of Colmar, nestled in the Alsace region of France. Known for its well-preserved medieval architecture and colorful half-timbered houses, Colmar exudes old-world charm. Take a leisurely boat ride along the canals, wander through the cobblestone streets of ‘Little Venice’, and savor the region’s world-renowned wines and gastronomy. 

Kotor Montenegro travelKotor, Montenegro

Escape the crowds and discover the tranquility of Kotor, a hidden gem along the Adriatic coast. Dotted with medieval fortresses and encircled by towering mountains, Kotor boasts a captivating combination of natural beauty and historical significance. Explore the labyrinthine streets of the UNESCO-listed Old Town, hike the ancient fortress of St. John, or sail the serene waters of the Bay of Kotor. This lesser-known destination promises a peaceful retreat like no other. 

Plitvice Lakes CroatiaPlitvice Lakes, Croatia

Prepare to be in awe of the breathtaking beauty of the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia. This hidden gem is a paradise of cascading waterfalls, crystal-clear turquoise lakes, and lush greenery. Walk leisurely along the wooden walkways that wind through the park, allowing you to get up close and personal with nature’s wonders. Explore the sixteen interconnected lakes and marvel at the vibrant colors, while discovering the diverse wildlife that calls this UNESCO World Heritage site home.


Hampi IndiaHampi, India

Be transported back in time as you explore the ancient city of Hampi in India. A UNESCO World Heritage site, this hidden gem showcases the remnants of the once glorious Vijayanagara Empire. Marvel at the awe-inspiring stone temples, intricate carvings, and grand architectural structures that are scattered across the landscape. Walk through the vibrant Hampi Bazaar, witness the surreal sunset from Hemakuta Hill, and immerse yourself in the rich history and mythology surrounding this captivating destination. 

Go beyond the ordinary this summer and uncover these hidden gems offering a wealth of beauty, culture, tranquility, natural wonders, and historical significance. 


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